Saturday, 18 March 2017

Sierra Leonean pastor discovers 706-carat diamond worth over $50M, donates it to Government

Coming after a diamond fueled decade-long civil war that ended in 2002 in which 50,000 people were killed, a Sierra Leonean Pastor who found what could be said to be one of the world’s largest uncut diamonds, weighing 706 carats, and worth over $50M, has donated the diamond, which could be the 10th largest ever found to the Sierra Leonean Government.

The diamond which was found in Sierra Leone’s eastern Kono region by
Emmanuel Momoh, was handed over to President Ernest Koroma by the Pastor who is also a local chief.

The Sierra Leonean Government also disclosed that it will auction the diamond and specially thanked the Pastor for not smuggling it out.

“He (Koroma) underscored the importance of selling such a diamond here as it will clearly give the owners what is due them and benefit the country as a whole,” the statement said.
The man must really love his country,More photos after the cut........

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