Wednesday, 22 March 2017

So sad! 4 year old boy accidentally hangs himself in dressing room

Tragedy struck at a store in Mankato, Minnesota, after a 4-year-old boy, Ryu Pena, who slipped off from his grandmother he was shopping with, accidentally hung himself in the store's dressing room.It was alleged that Ryu's hoodie got caught on a coat hook, after he climbed a bench in the dressing room he got locked in.

Ryu suffocated before his grandmother and shoppers who helped look for him, could get to
him as his leg couldn't touch the floor.

Here's what  Commander Jeremy Clifton of Mankato Public Safety said;
"We believe that he got himself caught up on a coat hook within that dressing room area and couldn't free himself from it."

On the other hand, a gofundme account has been launched, to help raise money for his funeral.
What a tragedy, may God comfort his family.

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