Sunday, 30 July 2017

Meet 15 Year old CEO who just signed a mega business deal with the NBA

Mo's Bows' 15-year-old CEO Moziah Bridges, pictured, is "a cool guy who makes cool ties."

Mo Bridges founded his tie company  Bows when he was 9 years old, and he and his mom have developed it into a fast-growing business.
When asked how his deal with the NBA came about, Mo's Bows' 15-year-old founder and CEO Moziah Bridges told Business Insider that the league learned about him and "they decided I was a cool guy who makes cool ties."
Bridges, who runs his Memphis-based tie company with his mom Tramica Morris, inked a seven-figure, one-year licensing deal with the NBA in May to produce bow ties for all 30 professional basketball teams.
It marks a new chapter for Bridges and Morris, who were introduced to millions of viewers when they appeared on "Shark Tank" in 2013. Bridges told the story of how he decided that he wanted to start making his own bow ties. He'd had a dapper sense of style and love of fashion for as long as he could remember, and his grandmother, a retired seamstress, taught him how to cut and sew fabric. Soon, his mom helped him build a business around his creations.
Bridges primarily sketches designs and works with an in-house graphic designer to refine them.
Since 2011, Mo's Bows has brought in $600,000 in sales, a three-fold increase since the last "Shark Tank" update in early 2015. The company now has seven full-time employees in addition to Bridges and Morris, and the company's ties are hand-made in Memphis.
Morris said that at this point she and Bridges are working on acquiring more licensing deals on the scale of its collaboration with the NBA, as well as developing Bridges as a business leader.
Bridges gave his first speech back in 2011, but in the past year has gone on a full-blown public speaking circuit, focusing on inspiring other kids to become entrepreneurs. He's given speeches around the US and gave his first speech abroad last year, in Germany. He has one in Spain coming up in September.
 Each year he creates a bow tie where all proceeds go toward a charity, and he and Morris recently finalized a deal with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
Bridges is planning on having a complete fashion line by the time he's 20 years old, and wants to attend the Parsons School of Design in New York City. He's already begun adding new clothing and apparel to Mo's Bows, including neck ties, pocket squares, T-shirts, and hats.

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