Monday, 3 July 2017

CNN presenter Isha Sesay reveals that doctors in Nigeria helped in saving her mum's life

Sesay, who is a Sierra Leonian, said her mother could not be treated in Sierra Leone and had to be transferred to Nigeria.
She was admitted in Lagoon Hospitals, Marina Road, Apapa Lagos, where she stayed in intensive care unit for three months until she became better.
She, however, didn’t state the nature of the ailment.
 “When my mother took ill in Sierra Leone last Dec I had to take her to Nigeria. I’m so grateful for Nigerian nurses & docs who saved her life.
“Many have asked which hospital my mum was admitted to in Nigeria. It was Lagoon hospital in Apapa. She was in ICU for 3 mths #gratitude.
“I am thankful there were medical options in Nigeria for my mother because I had none available in Sierra Leone.
Thank you for all the well wishes for my mother’s speedy recovery. The kind words and prayers are really appreciated.#gratitude,” she tweeted.

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