Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Venus Williams breaks down in tears and sobs during press conference when questioned on recent accident

Venus Williams breaking down at a press conference.

Venus Williams broke down at a Wimbledon press conference after she was asked about a car crash she was involved in that resulted in one death.
After Venus Williams won her opening match of Wimbledon on Monday, she broke down and abruptly left a press conference when she was asked about a recent fatal car crash she has been accused of causing.
Williams posted a statement on Facebook on Saturday, saying she was "devastated and heartbroken" about the crash. At the press conference, she was asked whether she had anything else she wanted to add.
Williams said there were "no words to describe how devastating" the crash was and that she was "completely speechless," then she stopped and attempted to gather her emotions. Cameras briefly turned away and came back a few seconds later showing Williams in tears. She mumbled to the moderator "maybe I should go" before getting up and walking out.
According to a TMZ report, police said Williams was at fault in the crash, which resulted in the death of a 78-year-old man who was a passenger in another car. Police have not cited Williams or filed any charges, however, and the investigation is ongoing.
Williams was in the intersection during a red light when the other car hit hers, and she told police she had to slow down because of traffic, according to TMZ.

The family is allgedly suing Williams.

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