Saturday, 12 August 2017

Obsessed fan wishes Omotola and her family death after she rejected his marriage proposal.

Godwin Ahmed is really obsessed with Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

A Nigerian man who is obsessed with the Nollywood star actress is wishing her and her family dead because she turned down his marriage proposal.

The young man, Godwin Ahmed, had apparently asked the actress to marry him on her wall but she reacted by blocking him and that act made him go completely mad and decided to pour all manners of invectives on her.

Even when people tried to caution the Lokoja, Kogi State-born Ahmed to mind his words, he went on and on, saying that Omotola would die by accident while her husband and children would all die by fire.

Not done yet, he also took his anger out on other actresses, calling them prostitutes who will all meet their untimely deaths soon.Ahmed started by posting:
'My aim is to marry Omotola, the actress.'
Apparently, such a proposal did not sit well with the actress who is happily married with four children and she promptly blocked him. That action brought out the beast in Ahmed and he went on a rant.
Read some of the things he posted here: 
'Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, your death must surely come heavily this year by an accident.'
'Omotola, both you and your husband including all your four children must perish in a fire accident and all your bodies must be burnt to ashes.'
'Idiot, shameless, lousy actress, full of pride.... Oloshi alakori weredud danbanza kawai.'
After many other users castigated him for making such posts while others begged him to take down the posts, he gave out his reason:
'I asked her hand in marriage and she blocked me on Facebook. That is why I became very upset.''  

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