Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Rapper 50 Cent compares his show ''Power'' with ''Game of Thrones'' says he is going to dominate BET.

When 50 Cent isn't yabbing  "Empire," he is comparing "Power" with "Game of Thrones" or making moves to take over BET. 
In a new Instagram post, the executive producer of "Power" asked followers to see his TV show which has no 'fantasy or incest.' 
"POWER Check me out, no fantasy, no dragons, no incest in this one ,we lit," he wrote, starting a conversation on the superiority of the shows. 

Afterwards,  he shared another post shading his longtime rival show, "Empire." According to him, people are no longer talking about the show which he claims once 'thought they were in competition with Power.' 
He further states that he's coming for BET, which is popular for the TV show "Being Mary Jane." 

Reacting to his post, Gabriella Union who plays Being Mary Jane on the BET show told him that there's enough space for everyone to succeed. 
Applauding "Power," the actress reminds him that all their programming could use more shine. 

50 Cent replied saying, "I'm never gonna argue with you because you're Wades lady. I like Dwanye and I got a lot of respect for him." 
"This post has nothing to do with you but you know I'm gonna be number 1 at BET," he adds. 
50 Cent had once threatened to leave "Power" after the show failed to get a Golden Globes nomination in 2016. 

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