Sunday, 25 June 2017

I was only wearing boxers when the landlord threw me out due to inability to pay 70k say Kcee

Five Star music artiste, Kcee, recounted in an interview how a landlord back in the day threw him out of his flat over unpaid rent.
‘I left Ajegunle because we were unable to pay our house rent and the landlord threw us and our property out of the house,’ Kcee said.
The singer added, ‘I was wearing only my boxers when the landlord threw us out of the house because we could not pay N70,000 for a three-bedroom flat.
‘My father started squatting with some people while my mother went to her sister’s house. My brother and I had to hustle. 
‘By then, we had won Star Quest so we had a rickety car, so we slept in the car. At the time they stole our car, things were tough because all our property was in the car. We were living from hotel to hotel and all we had was in the car.’
From then however, he continued to hustle while his brother moved on from being his manager to cut his teeth in business.
‘Sometimes we owed the hotels a lot of money which we paid after we had a show. To get shows then was even very hectic for Presh and I but we still believed that God would help us. 
‘By then, E-Money had to move on to learn how to be a freight agent. He later found his feet. Leaving Ajegunle was divine because I believe God sent the man to kick us out.
‘After we left Ajegunle, we stayed in a room apartment in Ojodu before we got a place in Omole. After a while, E-Money started doing well and we bought a duplex in Omole, then he bought a piece of land and continued buying and the rest is history. 

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