Tuesday, 20 June 2017

You can write shit in 10 minutes but I write hit songs in just one day

After so many online trolls and even public arguments, Nigerian singer Kcee finally clears the air on the Harrysong comparison.
For a while now, Nigerians have been saying Kcee has most of his hit songs written by Harrysong, while the latter doesn’t seem to be bothered.
Now, the ‘Romantic Call’ singer wants to state that Harrysong has never written a song for him.
While having a chat with TheNETng, Kcee says the fact that Mr Songz brings one or two ideas during studio sessions doesn’t mean he writes the songs for him.
‘That you write a song in 10 minutes and I write mine in 30 minutes doesn’t make you better than me,’ he said.
He continued, ‘You can write shit in 10 minutes and I can write a hit in one day.’
‘So because you have the grace to write faster than me does not give you the room to insult me.
Kcee also goes back to the days of Star Quest; the talent hunt show which brought him and his then partner Preshto limelight in 2002.
‘During Star Quest, I had to write my songs – and I won the competition. And after that, I was signed to Kennis Music and dropped about three albums – who wrote my songs then? Nobody wrote them, I did it by myself.’
He came to prominence via Star Quest
‘So because you have the privilege to be in the studio with me working as a team or as family does not give you the right to run me down. Trust me it’s not proper’.
Kcee and Harrysong started their feud in mid-January after Mr Songz demanded credit for the favour he rendered in ‘transforming’ Kcee’s career and other artistes during his time with the record label, BUT he also failed to meet his targets.

Source: Thenet

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