Monday, 19 June 2017

UK witnesses another fire outbreak

A large fire broke out at a packed beach in Bournemouth, England, as sun-seekers were enjoying the hot weather.

Clouds of black smoke started billowing into the air at around 3.30pm Saturday as beach-goers soaked in the sunshine.

According to Bournemouth Echo, the fire blazed behind beach huts and smoke could be seen on the other side of the town.

People had to be evacuated from the beach as firefighters battled the blaze at the scene.

Witnesses said the fire was started by someone who threw a yellow flare into the undergrowth before running off.

Beach-goer Jack Durham, 23, was quoted as saying: “It was a yellow smoke bomb, it started to go grey, and then when we turned back around there were flames.

“Everyone rushed over; the people closest were running to get water.

“It didn’t feel like we were in any danger, but if the wind was blowing the other way it could have been different.”

It could be recalled that less than a week ago, a massive fire engulfed a 27-storey block of flats in London.
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