Saturday, 17 June 2017

My female organs manifest at night says crossdresser who has slept with over 1000 men

A 19-year-old man who impersonates as a female prostitute and bears the name, Jennifer Kpaakpa, in Makurdi was arrested by the police in Benue on Thursday. He confessed to have slept with over 1000 men in the past five years.

Police discovered Kpaakpa’s real identity during a raid involving a case of N2,500 theft at a brothel along the railway bye pass at High Level area of Makurdi metropolis.

The indigene of Kastina-Ala Local Government Area of the state said that her classmate in Secondary School initiated her to the mermaid world five years ago.

The suspect said, “For the past five years, I have operated like a woman. At night, I would stand on the road as a prostitute and men would pick me up at an agreed price.

 “Usually, the female organ would manifest during my operations but at day time, I will remain in my normal masculine state. So far, I have slept with over 1000 men.”
Commissioner of Police, Bashir Makama, who paraded the impersonator alongside other suspected criminals at the Command headquarters in Makurdi said raid was conducted at the said brothel by police operatives following a report of theft.

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