Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Senator Florence Ita Giwa reveals threat to her life says there is a ploy to kill her

Senator Florence Ita-Giwa cries out that her life is in danger over exposing the diversion of relief materials meant for Internally Displaced People of Dayspring Island,The senator also alleges that the Cross River state governor sent her text messages threatening her life. She threatens to relocate all her investment to Lagos state as it seems she is no longer wanted in Cross River state

Senator Florence Ita-Giwa is not happy with her people in Cross River state especially the governor of the state Ayade, and she has vowed to relocate all her investments from the state.
The prolific female politician popularly known as Mama Bakassi also stated that her life is in danger. She also named the person that should be held responsible peradventure anything happened to her as the state governor whom she said sent her messages threatening her.
Problem between the former senator and the governor started over the allegations that relief materials meant for Internally Displaced People (IDP) in Bakassi which she sourced for from the National Refugee Commission for victims of a fire outbreak in Dayspring Island, Bakassi, were diverted by unscrupulous Cross River state officials.
She stated further that: “I would like the public to know that Gov. Ben Ayade, a man whose election I supported has been sending menacing text messages to me, warning me of the consequences of involving the Nigerian Media and Nigeria Police in the uncovering of the diversion of the relief materials by his government officials.
As we speak, Cross River state is very unsafe, with assassinations and kidnapping becoming the order of the day. Under this cloud of general insecurity nothing must happen to me. Gov. Ayade and his gang of merry men should be told that they will be held responsible should I come to any misfortune. This self-serving campaign of calumny against me instigated by the state government is capable inciting ethnic tensions which may in turn lead to the shedding of blood a prospect I dread greatly.”
She claimed her life is in danger just because she exposed the diversion of the relief materials meant for IDPs in Dayspring Island by one Effiong Udeme and which she got back from him and took to the police station.
According to Mama Bakassi rather than get praises for her action she got knocks as they turned the table around and accused her of diverting the relief materials.
Not only that, some disgruntled people of Bakassi she alleged are now calling for her not to represent Bakassi again and this has made her make up her mind to relocate all her investments in Cross Rivers state to Lagos state. She also said she has no problem abandoning Bakassi which is her father’s town for Calabar South where her mother came from and under which constituency she contested and represented them earlier in the House of Representative. She spoke further that she can also transfer her love and passion to Ilaro in Ogun state where her step father is from as she has a cordial relationship with them over there too.
On why Governor Ayade is picking on her, Ita-Giwa said: “From my observations, it appears to me that Gov Ayade feels threatened by my joining the APC for whatever reason. I don’t recall any other former PDP stalwart in the state who decamped to the APC being as persecuted as I am. Could it be that Gov Ayade is picking on me because of my gender or my enormous electoral appeal? I choose to believe the latter as I would like to believe that Ayade is not a misogynist, and he ought to know that I have never played gender politics.”

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