Thursday, 29 June 2017

In China oyinbo woman faints in shock after she breaks a N14M bracelet

The woman blacked out after breaking the pricey bracelet
A tourist in China is reported to have fainted after accidentally breaking a jade bracelet worth $44,000 (£35,000/N14m).
The woman was visiting a jade market in south western China’s Yunnan province on June 27 when she accidentally dropped a bracelet while trying it on.
When she was told the bracelet’s price she quickly took it off but in her haste dropped it.

Unfortunately for the woman, the jade bracelet snapped in half, reports the People’s Daily Online.
Shop staff attempted to calm the woman after the breakage, but she turned pale, began sweating and eventually fainted.
According to reports, the bracelet slipped out of her hand and it split in two after hitting the floor.
Jade is a luxury product in China and is seen to represent good health and a long life.

A jade bracelet market
Shop staff then told the woman she could pay $25,000 to resolve the matter, but she said she could only afford $1,500.
Police were unable to persuade the parties to reach an agreement and the matter may need to go to court.

The shop asked her to pay $25,000 but she said she could only afford to pay $1,500
According to witnesses, the family offered the seller 70,000 yuan (£8,000) in damages, however he refused saying that was not enough for them to break even.
The bracelet was valued by an independent expert to cost around 180,000 yuan (£20,700). The family agreed to pay the owner this sum of money.

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